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Holdup Suspender Company sells USA patented pant suspenders and Sloops jeans.Choose over 200 styles of clip-on suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company Inc.navtop2.gif (5061 bytes) Search through our huge ecatalog of men's and womens pant suspenders.

When it comes to secure fasteners- nothing compares to Holdup's Patented no-slip-clip with locking center pin or our new composite Plastic Gripper Clasp! You can now buy our Patented no-slip clips and the new Gripper clasp right from this page. Repair your broken suspenders with our replacement suspender clips at wholesale prices! Nothing compares to a real Holdup clip for a variety of applications...

The unique Holdup Suspender Clips make all the difference when comparing quality clip-on suspenders.
Buy Holdup Suspender clips with quantity discounts

25 Lbs weight chalanges to "No Slip Clip"
Clips Built to Holdup to years of use...
ID Badge clips for any application where you need a strong secure alligator type clipWe challenge any and all so called "security ID badge clips" to hold this 25lb weight as it bounces 10,000 times on a elastic strip. No wonder millions of badges get lost or stolen each year .... there's no security or convenience built into the badge that keeps it attached to the person it's designed to identify.

Millions have been spent to develop all types of sophisticated Photo ID systems including the newest "smart cards". Short of chaining the ID tag around your neck or wearing it on a wrist or arm band ( UGH!) the best the industry couldIs this really the best solution? come up with was a clip with a safety pin. Ever wonder how many employees actually go through the hassle of pinning it on while rushing to work?

Holdup Suspender Company has the breakthrough patented product you and your customer have been searching for... A unique no-slip suspenders clip that works to holdup your pants now, and in the future.

FEATURES of the Holdup metal or plastic no-slip clips:

  • Security - We Guarant that our clips will never Slip-Slide or Pop Off your pants. Cannot accidentally be knocked off or removed even by a pick pocket. Attaches to clothing in plain sight with compact clip.

  • Convenient- Snaps open and locks shut in seconds. Can be attached to any type of clothing Photo ID tag clips for any style of badgesanywhere from shirt pocket, lapel to sleeve.

  • Strong but gentle- needle sharp center pin can hold any weight ID badge including retractable types while the built in fabric lock keeps even the most delicate cloth from tearing or fraying due to constant wear. The ID strap or shirt pocket will break, tear or pull apart before our clip will let go.

  • 3/4" jumbo clip -Holds more weightFlexible clip manufacturing - We make them so we can customize them to your needs. Our clips can accommodate any style of  attachment to badges from snap strips to self adhesive plates. We even make a new JUMBO SIZE clip for heavy retractable badges, or police communicationretractable ID holders mics that can attach anywhere in either black or Nickel plated metal finishes!

  • New design patent granted to Holdup Suspender Company for their composite plastic "Suspender Buckle" or Gripper Clasp that holds tighter the harder you pull on them. These secure suspender clasps allow you right through airport and courthouse metal detectors as they're made of strong composite plastic. Perfect also for quiet military suspender applications or even police swat teams and gun & bow hunters needing the extra holding power found on every pair of Holdups..

click for larger view of silver or chrome slant faced no-slip clip click for larger view of gold plated no-slip suspender clips

 Purchase our patented metal no-slip suspender or ID badge clips below and use these clips to replace the worn out metal clip on your older suspenders. Make your nostalgic suspender braces come back to life using our superior metal clips or the newly patented plastic GRIPPER CLASPS in various sizes. You can mix clip styles, colors and strap width sizes to reach the 6 or 12+ discount price levels calculated in our secure shopping cart...

Click to view larger image of the Nickel -Gold -or black Holdup metal suspender no-slip clips
Price: 1 to 5 @ $5.50ea, 6-11@ $4 ea and 12+ at $2.75 ea

Metal Holdup Suspender Finger clips all feature the patented no-slip center locking pin. Choose metal finish and suspender strap width options when ordering. You can mix clip finishes and/or strap width sizes for Qty discounts..

Metal no-slip suspender finger clip Color/size order form choices...

  QTY:   $5.50 each

Click to view larger picture of the Jumbo no-slip suspender clips for sale by Holdup Suspender Company
PRICE: 1 to 5 @ $6.50 ea, 6 to 11= $4.00 and 12+ @ $2.75 ea

Heavy duty Black powder coated or Nickel plated jumbo no-slip clips made for 2 inch wider suspender straps. Metal Holdup Suspender Finger clips all feature the patented no-slip center locking pin. Choose metal finish color  when ordering. You can mix no-slip clip styles, finishes and/or strap width sizes for any Qty discounts..

Jumbo suspender clip order form choices...

  QTY:   $6 each

Click to view detailed photo of the patented composite plastic Holdup Gripper Clasps
PRICE: 1 to 5 @ $5.50 ea, 6 to 11= $4 and 12+ @ $2.75 ea.

Composite Plastic Holdup Suspender "Gripper Clasps" will not slip off your pants. The harder you pull ... the tighter they grip. Beige & 3 sizes of black sturdy plastic cam activates clasps. You can mix clip finishes and/or strap width sizes for Qty discounts on all plastic or metal styles..

Plastic Patented GRIPPER CLASPs  Color/size order form choices...

  QTY:   $5.50 each

Call 1-800-700-4515 for larger quantity discounts on wholesale suspender clip orders..

USA Made Holdup suspender styles all have common featuresProceed to checkout counter

View Short video clip on how to replace/repair a Holdup Suspender no-slip clip! This instructional video is posted at Youtube.com to help our customers follow these simple steps to repair any Holdup suspender with clips sold on this page.

Buy replacement Holdup suspender clips above and repair an old pair with broken clips.

Patented Holdup Suspenders composite plastic Gripper Clasps now in our No-buzz and Ski suspender lines.

Additional details on the Holdup Suspender Company current, and expired, US Patents on suspender related products can be seen by clicking this link

New old Patent..

We have a new USA patented clip used in our suspender lines with smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on chairs and car seats. Holdup Suspenders is the world leading suspender manufacturer on selection and service. Only the finest in durable and washable elastic fabrics and top grade leather tabs & crosspatches are used throughout our complete finger clip line. "Always UP for any formal or casual occasion!"

  • Holdup Clip and Clasp Applications
    The following is a list of product applications for the patented -No-Slip Clip for ID system distributors and manufacturers:
    1. idcard.jpg (25539 bytes)Employee photo ID badges
    2. VIP passes at special events
    3. Sporting events-buying club cards
    4. convention and tour IDs
    5. corporate visitor passes
    6. day care centers (ID for authorized pick up)
    7. Student ID and hall passes in schools
    8. HMO cards and Hospital Staff cards
    9. membership wholesale club guest pass cards
    10. personalized magnetic stripe entry cards for high or low security access.
    11. Purse clips with designer patterns that secure a womans purse to her coat, shirt or dress... or for keeping key chains secure.
    12. personalized ID (CIA, FBI, White House, etc. ID tags with photo)
    13. soft security applications (photo ID chest badges)
    14. Our clips are also widely sought after for securing miniature testing, monitoring and recording devices like dosimeters ( used to record and monitor sound levels in plants and airports) or radiation badges. Securely holds heavy objects.

    jumbo_id.jpg (4837 bytes)clipstrap.gif (2196 bytes) VS old2.gif (3161 bytes)schoolid.gif (7678 bytes)

    Click to view our suspender ecatalog


    We finally invented a better clip for all ID and Badging applications call 1-800-700-4515 and ask for Sal Herman to discuss you clip needs..

    New improved suspender gripper clasp, or suspender buckle,by Holdup Suspender Company

    New patent granted for the suspender buckle design by Sal Herman

    This one (# D619,495 S ) for the suspender buckle used in the No-buzz suspender line, undergarment suspenders, and in our Ski-Ups snow ski suspenders. These are great time savers for travelers and suspender wearers who often have to pass through building security checkpoint metal detectors.

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