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Holdup Suspender Company sells USA patented pant suspenders and Sloops jeans.Choose over 200 styles of clip-on suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company Inc.navtop2.gif (5061 bytes) Search through our huge ecatalog of men's and womens pant suspenders.

Learn all about the history of Holdup Suspender Company

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Sal Herman the inventer and President of Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield Mi sells over 250 styles of men's and womens suspenders and other products made with his Patented clips

Suspender Styles
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Holdup Suspenders come in single or dual clip styles

Casual Series solid colors 1 1/2" width
Single clip - $26.95
Dual Clip - $37.95

Designer Series in tasteful patterns...
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Formal Series 1" wide, satin finished in 9 solid colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Corporate Series in 9 Satin finished colors 1 1/2" wide straps
Single clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Jacquard Series in 5 'tone on tone' colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Sports Series 1 1/2" width 5 sports theme patterns -$32.95

Classic Series basic   solid colors and USA Flag pattern -$21.95

Specialty Series shorter and narrower suspenders for Teens and girls. Biker suspenders and  a super soft model for wearing under your shirt.

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2" wide Jumbo Clip Series in X-back heavy duty clips all only $23.95....
Contractor- solids and patterns with silver clips
Outdoorsman in hunting patterns and solids -Black clips
Tradesman in 6 skilled trades patterns
Industrial Series with non-elastic fronts and silver clasps

SKIING Suspenders in Black or Tan for all types of snow  Sports Ski-Ups $21.95

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Dual Clip traditional button-on look Double-Ups from $37.95

NEW -Patented Suspender Hanger and closet organizer

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Show your Patriotism by wearing 4 styles of USA flag suspenders.

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Suspenders made to be worn under your shirt... now in Beige or Black

We are now adding 12 styles of All Black hidden under-Ups to our ecatalog for those seeking a soft suspender worn under any loose fitting shirt.


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Only Holdups' feature the "No Slip Suspender Clip"

(Southfield, MI notice of US patent approval- 1990) -- Creating a suspender that actuallyHoldup Suspenders come in over 180 styles did what it was supposed to do became an obsession with Sal Herman. Only after he got a patent for a new snap-on suspender clip did he learn that his design was the first major update to this very common menswear item in more than a century. Click to see our detailed patent page.

Holdup Suspenders in the NEWS ..latest articles ...  SEE the Full reprints of articles done on Holdup Suspender Company by a local Detroit newpapers. We also are featured in several Metro Detroit news articles in 2003 regarding our small companies rapid growth.

Did you know that thousands, perhaps even millions of men have a tangle of slightly worn suspenders tucked away somewhere because the clips won't hold? One industry source says more than three million pairs of suspenders are sold each year. Unfortunately most of these don't last long. The clips give out quickly and the wearer must bend them frequently with pliers, or consign them to a junk pile. How often do the competitive brands, used by most tuxedo rental firms, hold up to just one day's wear and tear??


The finger clip series of Holdup suspendersEven when they are new, users are constantly re-attaching their suspenders, or bending the clips to make them hold better. Enter Sal Herman. a suspender aficionado (yes, there are many!). Driven by the frustration of inefficient clips that constantly let go, Herman applied a little American ingenuity to create a solution . . . the "No-Slip Suspender Clip". Thus was born the Hold-Up Suspender Company.  Join our e-mail discussion group and converse with suspender lovers worldwide

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Order Toll Free  1-800-700-4515 ext 20
Snail mail addressMailJpoin our e-mail group for suspender lovers.
Holdup Suspender Company, Inc.
21421 Hilltop St. Suite 16
Southfield, Mi. 48034-4009

Reg # (248) 386-0252 Fax (248) 352-1185

The only manufacturer of men's suspenders with the patented "NO SLIP CLIP". You can also view our newest Suspender Style Color Catalog in a .pdf format right now online... click here!

Testimonial: I am having a problem with the first pair of suspenders that I ever bought from your company.   I do not know the exact date of purchase, but it was way, way back in a previous century.   The problem is that they just won't wear out.   Since then I have purchased a replacement pair "just in case" and several other pairs in various colors and styles.   When I bought my first pair of Hold-up suspenders, I had no problem throwing out a few pairs of other suspenders since they really didn't work well to begin with.    As a depression baby, however, I cannot bring myself to get rid of something that still works well and looks good.   I have mistreated that first pair by using them as work suspenders with heavy heavy tools in my pockets.  Still they didn't show signs of wear.  I have to look twice to see which is my Sunday pair and which is my old everyday pair.   The other colors and styles I bought have no chance of wearing out during my lifetime because I use them only occasionally.   Is there any solution to this problem?  Bill Burgreen ... Mindspring email Atlanta Ga.

Holdup's Amazon web shop where use use your Amazon account for checkout and get Amazon warehouse delivery

Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime & Regular Shoppers.Buy Holdup Suspenders from our Mobile Device friendly new Amazon Web Shop...click here and get FREE Freight on all orders using your Amazon account and secure familiar Amazon Checkout procedure with Amazon direct to you warehouse delivery.

Sal Herman's Suspender Business is Picking Up

TAKING A HOLD: Sal Herman’s suspenders company has seen its ups and downs, but it’s going at a good clip now. Brace yourself: Did you have any idea that the largest manufacturer of made-in-the-USA suspenders is in Southfield Michigan?Sal Herman predicts his Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield Mi will sell over 2 million dollars of his made in the USA brand of clip-on suspenders

For that matter, did you have any idea that anybody cared about suspenders anymore? Well, Sal Herman does. Herman, founder of the Hold-Up Suspender Company, knows his product is far more than the exclusive accessory of truckers, farmers, skiers, groomsmen, and Larry King. However, even though Herman predicts the Hold-Up brand should break $2 million in sales this year and move as many as 100,000 pairs of suspenders. Sal offers over 220 styles of Hold-Up suspenders — featuring his no-slip clips and plastic Gripper Clasps — including models for teens, girls, bikers, and pregnant women. His latest brainchild is a super-soft pair made to be worn underneath one’s clothing, called Under-Ups. From western wear type leather suspenders to satin finished dual clip Double-Ups for office wear and wedding Sal has the largest collection of styles and colors.

"If there is an unique appeal for Sal’s Suspender brand — available online at suspenders.com and in more than 2,300 hardware, sporting goods, and other retail stores nationwide — it may be his patented “no-slip” clip, the first of five patents Herman has received for improving the functionality of clip-on suspenders".... read full Dec 2012  Hour Magazine article... By Jim McFarlin for Detroit's Hour Magazine

For the consumer, the No-Slip Suspender Clip means a guarantee of no more slipping, or bending clips, or worse yet, throwing away a perfectly good pair of suspenders. The patented design is based on one distinct difference - the addition of a center pin that works like a needle to lock into the waistband without cutting or tearing the fabric. The result, Herman says, is a clip that absolutely cannot slip -slide or fly off your pants.

Our patented -no slip clip- come now on a JUMBO series suspenderFor workers, sportsmen, or the casual wearer who rely on suspenders, the No-Slip suspender eliminates the annoying problem of clips that slip constantly from the slightest twist or pressure. The No-Slip also eliminates the need to "fix" the clips by bending them with pliers. We now have the original patented "finger clip" in a heavy duty JUMBO clip line. These are for our NEW -2x4- Outdoorsman and Contactor series suspenders with 2" wide straps and extra holding power no matter the load.

Herman believes his new suspenders will grab hold of the public as well as they hold onto a pair of pants. Speaking of pants. Holdup Suspenders is introducing a Trademarked designer blue jean line called Sloops™ and Sloops Slacks which are specifically designed for suspender wearers. The Perfect Equation in Fashion will be Sloops™ jeans worn with our new Double-Ups button-on style suspenders.  Anyone interested in the Hold Up Suspender Co. story can contact Sal Herman, our president, at (800) 700-4515. Buy from the only manufacturer of men's suspenders with the patented "NO SLIP CLIP" and a limited warranty.

Lifetime clip warranty -Free freight - 30Day money back guarantee

Holdup Suspender Company and Sal Herman have received a new active patent  #  for our improved clip design on May 4th 2010, which will be used in our suspender lines. Our new suspender clip Patent # is D614,946 S granted on May 4 2010 will be made in silver or Gold plated metals for our single clip series suspender. The Black metal no-slip clips are featured in our Double-Up suspender styles.

 Click to view the Suspender Buckle patent # D619,495 S certificate used on the Ski-Ups and No-buzz style Holdup suspenders New improved suspender gripper clasp, or suspender buckle,by Holdup Suspender Company

Sal Herman of Holdup Suspender Company received Patent D619,495 S on July 13th 2010 for the new "suspender buckle" design. This composite plastic Gripper Clasp is used as an alternative to the patented metal clip in some Holdup suspender styles like the "no-buzz" airport friendly suspenders... or in our Soft Undergarment suspender line made to be worn under your shirt. We also use this exclusive Patented suspender buckle in our Ski-Ups™ snow sports suspenders.

Striped Hold suspenders in 8 colorful choices and dual or single clip styles

Click here for the Striped Holdup suspender detail ordering page

If your into skiing, and other winter snow sports, you'll really appreciate the practical Patented design of the newest line of Holdup Suspenders called Ski-Ups. The USA made top quality elastic fabric is 1 1/2" wide and will give you years of wear in the harshest outdoor environment. The unique patented "Gripper-Clasp™ or suspender buckle" has a flush mounted locking cam operated clasp that comes with a limited warranty to never slip-slide or pop-off your ski or snow sports pants.

Patented Ski-Ups form the Holdup Suspender Co are made for wearing with ski pants

Ski-Ups are made to be worn with all types of snow pants and sell for $21.95.

  New Specialty Series Suspenders for Bikers -Golfers and Women
Black Flame pattern suspenders for Harley Motorcyclists Holdup Suspenders now come in shorter and narrower models for women and teens.
Thin clip-on Suspenders for Gals & Guys


The only manufacturer of men's suspenders with the patented "NO SLIP CLIP".

Exclusive Hip-Clip HOldup suspenders made to holdup pants with just 2 side clips.Trademarked Hip-Clip suspenders loved by truckers, Bikers and ourdoorsmen are 2 inch wide and sell for $21.95

New side clip-on trucker suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.The new Trucker Style Hip-Clip™ line of Holdup Suspenders that sell for $21.95. Now in stock in Red, Navy Blue or Black colors with 2" wide straps. Sometimes called Trucker suspenders, or side clip suspenders, as they're designed to never pop-off your pants when sliding across truck or car seat covers on the long hauls. Simple to unsnap the exclusive 2 jumbo no-slip clips when going to the bathroom, so they can be worn under jackets or sweaters. All the holding power of our 2x4 Jumbo series suspenders. X-back only, with silver finished clips. Try this newest innovation in men's fashion accessories that come with our limited clip warranty.

New XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspendersXL Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) & Black Choices (11)

Introducing USA made clip-on suspenders in small sizes for kids of all ages. Holdup Suspender Company manufacturers these clip-on suspenders in small sizes for infants, toddlers and the K through 12 school age kids. The Children's Collection of Holdups all feature our patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps in red, blue or black. We offer these in various widths from 1/2" to 1 1/4" wide USA made suspender straps. Kids suspenders in 24", 30" , 36" or 42" lengths are made to fit all age groups. We also offer Mitten clips and Baby Bib clips, plus Mit-n-Straps priced from $8.95 to 19.95. for keeping mittens and burb bibs in place.

24" Infant Black Suspenders


24" infant sized Black Suspenders with black gripper clasps.. $12.95


24" Infant RED Suspenders


Infant 24" Red Holdup suspenders with red Gripper clasps $12.95


24" Infants Blue Suspenders


24" Infant Blue Holdup suspenders with blue gripper clasps $12.95


30" Toddler Black Suspenders


30" Toddler Black Holdup Suspenders w/Gripper Clasps $14.95


30" Toddler Blue Suspenders


30" Blue Toddler size suspenders with Gripper Clasps $14.95


30" Toddler RED Suspenders


30" red suspenders sized for toddlers w/Gripper Clasps $14.95


36" Child Black Holdup Suspenders


36" Black Holdups for kids with leather X-back and Black Gripper Clasps $18.95


42" Blue Teen suspenders


42" Dark Blue Teen clip-on suspenders $19.95


42" RED teen Holdup suspenders


42" Bright RED teenager Holdup suspenders... $19.95


42" Teen black suspenders


42" all black suspenders sized for teenagers $19.95


long 46" Mit-n-Straps in 3 colors


46" long Mit-n-Straps made to slide thru kids coat sleeves in 3 colors $9.95 each


Mit-n-Ups mitten straps


6" Mit-n-Ups are Red, Blue or Black mitten straps with matching color gripper clasps (2 per pack for $8.95)


8" Blue hat and pillow straps $9.95/set


8" Blue hat, scarf or Pillow strap with blue gripper clasps $9.95 (2 per set)


Black Hat-n-Pillow clips $9.95/set


8" black hat or pillow strap or bungee strap $9.95/set of 2


Red-hat-n-pillow & Hat straps $9.95/set


Red 8" Holdup Hat clip straps or pillow straps $9.95 (2 per set)


10" Bib-Ups bib straps $10.95/set


10" Bib-Ups are napkin bib straps in Red, Black or Blue $10.95 (2 per set)


Our new 2x4 Jumbo Clip line of heavy duty suspenders
2 inch wide suspenders with X-Back and jumbo clips Wide suspenders in solid colors and USA Flag pattern Skilled Trademen pattern wide suspenders with jumbo clips Holdup Suspenders Industrial strength due to non-elastic webbing Camouflage pattern and solid colored wide suspenders


This traditional style mirrors the look of "button on" suspenders worn since they were first invented. Sal Herman, the President of Holdup Suspender, worked for years to perfect these stunning braces very popular with TVDouble-up legal braces are made in the USA from top quality materials and carry a 30 day money back guarantee. anchormen, Larry King type talk show hosts -actors -doctors -businessmen -students and professors. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons on to every pair of pants you wish to wear with suspenders ...now you can easily attach your   Double-Ups™ to your entire wardrobe of pants in a snap. Get the aesthetic look of "Old Style button-on" braces with the convenience and ease of our no-slip clips. These are just as great with our Sloops™ blue jeans or dress pants for both a casual or dressy look.

This series of Holdup Suspenders has either a nice flat finish or Satin sheen, while offering stain resistant properties. These make more than a conservative fashion statement at the office or out on a date! Pick out several pair in your favorite colors, which all have top grade black leather tabs and our logo embossed on the doubled stitched crosspatch. Great as a birthday, Fathers day, Holiday or special occasion gift.  All materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability with a fine weave and color fast dyes. If you need a pair of suspenders that perform year after year.. then we'd always suggest a pair of Holdup Suspenders for you or a friend. Double-UPs are priced from $37.95 to $43.95 in a variety of colors and patterns. Holdup is proud of our no hassles- no questions 30 day money back guarantee.

Monday -Friday 10AM to 5PM Call 1-800-700-4515 for support, shipping or ordering questions. We always pride ourselves on solving customer service issues, long before they undermine our commitment to Holdup Suspenders growth through repeat business with customers and shop owners.

USA made Holdup Top Grade Leather Suspenders in 4 exclusive styles now shipping from our Southfield Michigan warehouse.
Holdup Exclusive Leather Suspenders... 4 styles of Brown or Black leather USA made suspenders with brass length adjusters, patented no-slip clips, comfort elastic back strap.

New XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspendersXL Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) & Black Choices (11)

All orders over $75.00 ship freight free to US destinations via UPS ground service or USPS Priority Mail Service.

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