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Holdup Suspender Company sells USA patented pant suspenders and Sloops jeans.Choose over 200 styles of clip-on suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company Inc.navtop2.gif (5061 bytes) Search through our huge ecatalog of men's and womens pant suspenders.

Holdup Suspenders wants to hear from our Customers and Resellers

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(800) 700-4515
Support Hotline

Suspender Styles
and price ranges

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Holdup Amazon Prime web shop allows all Amazon members to get FREE standard freight when using Amazon checkout payment and Amazon warehouse delivery

Holdup Suspender Company's Official Amazon Web Shop is now open where All Amazon members get FREE freight.
Holdup Suspenders come in single or dual clip styles

Casual Series solid colors 1 1/2" width
Single clip - $26.95
Dual Clip - $37.95

Designer Series in tasteful patterns...
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Formal Series 1" wide, satin finished in 9 solid colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Corporate Series in 9 Satin finished colors 1 1/2" wide straps
Single clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Jacquard Series in 5 'tone on tone' colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Sports Series 1 1/2" width 5 sports theme patterns -$32.95

Classic Series basic   solid colors and USA Flag pattern -$21.95

Holdup Suspender Top Selling Products

American Flag suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company

Traditional button-on suspender look in our dual clip Double-Ups
Double-Ups from $37.95, and Silk Suspenders for $48.95

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2" wide Jumbo Clip Series in X-back heavy duty clips all only $23.95....
Contractor- solids and patterns with silver clips
Outdoorsman in hunting patterns and solids -Black clips
Tradesman in 6 skilled trades patterns
Industrial Series with non-elastic fronts and silver clasps

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SKIING Suspenders in Black or Tan for all types of snow  Sports Ski-Ups $21.95

Sloops Blue Jeans and Sloops Casual Slacks made specifically for suspender wearers in waist sizes to 50".

NEW -Patented Suspender Hanger and closet organizer

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Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Hold sheets tight

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

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Holdup Amazon Prime web shop allows all Amazon members to get FREE standard freight when using Amazon checkout payment and Amazon warehouse delivery

Holdup Suspender Company's Official Amazon Web Shop is now open where All Amazon members get FREE freight.



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How to Contact Holdup's Sales Support Staff

Lifetime clip warranty -Free freight - 30Day money back guarantee

Our original finger clip series of Holdup SuspendersSupport for all our customers is a top priority at HoldupAll Holdup Suspender Company products carry a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee Suspender Company Inc. We pride ourselves in making our customers happy suspender owners. Give us a call or e-mail our staff as we are here just for you ...and because of you!

Use the contact information below to reach the friendly support staff at Holdup Suspender Company Inc. Our family owned small business appreciates all customer and www.mysuspenders.com visitor comments and gladly accept orders or arrange returns on the phone. Also call to request a full color Holdup Suspender catalog and we cover all Holdup Products with a 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can also view our newest Suspender Style Color Catalog in a .pdf format right now online... click here!

The USA made suspenders that's are so unique.. they're patented.


E-mail our staff
Email Our Staff your Holdup Suspender questions

Toll Free # 1-800-700-4515  and ask for Customer service

Resellers can call and ask for a FREE 20 page full color product line brochure and ask for Sal Herman to get reseller pricing and request suspender samples.

Holdup Suspender Company, Inc.
21421 Hilltop St. Suite 16
Southfield, Mi. 48033
Reg # (248) 386-0252 Fax (248) 352-1185
Toll Free # (800) 700-4515

Office hours M-F ...8:30AM to 4:30PM (EST)

Holdup Suspenders Newspaper articles and news videos on our USA made patented clip-on suspenders

USA made suspenders for men and women of all ages

Our desire to please our customers is only exceeded by our willingness to do just that! You can call us concerning for further details on our warranty policies and patents during office hours.

 Holdup Suspender Company is Providing Functional Fashion to the Suspender Industry as we expand our patented product lines.... We sponsor the "Suspenders Wearers Association" SWA for discussing everything related to suspenders or braces ( as they are known in Europe). Membership is FREE and you can get our latest color catalog and a sample suspender clip.. just for joining....click here for SWA details.


Holdup's Amazon web shop where use use your Amazon account for checkout and get Amazon warehouse delivery

Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime & Regular Shoppers.Buy Holdup Suspenders from our Mobile Device friendly new Amazon Web Shop...click here and get FREE Freight on all orders using your Amazon account and secure familiar Amazon Checkout procedure with Amazon direct to you warehouse delivery.

The USA made suspender that's so unique.. They're patented.

Younger Guys & Gals love wearing our Holdup Brand Suspenders at work & play

Testimonial: I am having a problem with the first pair of suspenders that I ever bought from your company.   I do not know the exact date of purchase, but it was way, way back in a previous century.   The problem is that they just won't wear out.   Since then I have purchased a replacement pair "just in case" and several other pairs in various colors and styles.   When I bought my first pair of Hold-up suspenders, I had no problem throwing out a few pairs of other suspenders since they really didn't work well to begin with.    As a depression baby, however, I cannot bring myself to get rid of something that still works well and looks good.   I have mistreated that first pair by using them as work suspenders with heavy heavy tools in my pockets.  Still they didn't show signs of wear.  I have to look twice to see which is my Sunday pair and which is my old everyday pair.   The other colors and styles I bought have no chance of wearing out during my lifetime because I use them only occasionally.   Is there any solution to this problem?  Bill Burgreen ... Mindspring email Atlanta Ga.

Contractor Series wide work suspenders with jumbo no-slip clips... click here

Checkout our new patented HangUp™ hardwood and brass suspender hangers and organize your suspender collection today.

Holdup suspenders are so unique... they're patentedCkick here to see our new patented HangUp suspender hangers now onsale.

New in 2016 are these US Patented Holdup Shirt stays designed to keep your shirt tails taunt and eliminate any shirt from billowing at your waistline. Click to purchase or see full details on why our shirt stays (shirt tail straps or shirt suspenders) are the simple way to keep dress shirts in place for $21.95 per 2 piece set... 

 New patented dress shirt Garters we call Shirt Stay-Downs keep your shirt tails tucked in and prevent billowing at the waistline.

We now have a new patented clip used in all our suspender lines. Take a look at our traditional dual clip "button-on" looking Double-Ups line . The new clips feature smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on chairs and car seats. We are the world leader in suspenders on selection, satisfaction and service. Enjoy your visit to our web site and tell some friends about our company and products. Holdup Suspender Company's products are now sold in over 2100 fine men's wear retailers nationwide. Click here to find a retailer in your state.


Hip-Clip, or Side Clip suspenders, attach to pants, or shorts, with just 2 patented no-slip clips. We now have these Trucker Style Hip-Clip™ "under your shirt" suspenders with either Plastic Gripper Clasps or Metal no-slip clips for only $21.95. We even have them in a super-soft Maternity Holdup Style for only $18.95

Introducing 2" wide Under-Ups in 4 styles including two Extra Long XL models for $3 more. If you wear loose fitting shirts with pants or shorts you'll love the comfort on our undergarment suspenders. We have side clip Hip-Clip styles for men with no-buzz gripper clasps and women have maternity Under-Up suspenders too. These are sold on our newly launched www.Suspenders.com site

2" Hip-Clip Under-Ups Click here... 2" Traditional 2 clip Under-Ups including XL models

Privacy statement: Holdup Suspender Company Inc. does not share any customer information with any 3rd party what-so-ever. Only those who signup for the Suspender Wearers Assoc (SWA) e-mail forum will receive occasional e-mail from our staff. Our online order processing is on a verisign secure server and we verify the shipping address matches the one on your credit card. Our Pledge - No tricks -no games and no spam will ever come you way from shopping at Suspenders.com or any site owned by Holdup Suspender Company... period!!

Beautiful Casual series Dual clip Double-Up suspenders in Merlot burgundy color Sal Herman th ePresident of Holdup Suspender Company shows off Merlot Double-Up suspenders with Sloops comfort jeans Merlot wine colored dual clip Double-Ups sell for $37.95 and come with lifetime no-slip clip warranty
Merlot burgundy wine colored Casual Series Double-Ups.. for $37.95

Jacquard dual clip men's suspenders in 5 tone on tone colors.
The below Jacquard Double-Ups™ men's braces come in 8 popular colors all featuring our newly re-designed no-slip Holdup suspender clip. Click here to view the Double-UPs jacquard suspenders.

Shopping at Holdup Suspender's web site features!

Secure one click Google Checkout for any Holdup Suspenders shown here and on all our other sites.
All Holdups come with a 30 day "no questions asked" money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 1 year no-slip clip warranty.
Guaranteed shipping direct from our warehouse by UPS ground service, or domestic USPS priority mail. or US Postal Service. We ship overseas by USPS priority mail, but Google Checkout payments is currently reserved for shipping only to USA destinations.
Customer orders are shipped within 48 hours, and require you have registered PayPal account or have a major credit card.
Your order will also include a free full color suspender product line catalog.

View the product slide show above and navigate to the various styles on left Nav-Bar.

Airport friendly "No BUZZ All black suspender - with unique composite gripper-clasp with cam-clamp


Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime Shoppers.Buy Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop... click here for free freight for Amazon Prime and Amazon Regular Members if you choose standard freight

Amazon members can buy our whole line of Holdup Suspenders using Amazon checkout and get free freight in our Amazon Web Shop

Visit our Amazon Web Shop for all the styles of Holdup Suspenders and all Amazon members get free freight

Take a look at our Biker Boot Stirrups and Bike suspender collections

Top Seller Showcases:
White Holdup suspender choices
White Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesBlack Suspenders
White Holdup suspender choicesRed Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesWide Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesSingle clip White Holdup suspender choicesThin Suspenders 4 style choices of Leather Holdup Suspenders for 64.95 Leather Holdup Suspenders Striped Holdup Suspenders in 8 style choicesStriped Suspenders or USA made Fitted sheet straps using our patented Gripper clasps fit any size mattress. Stay-Downs™ fitted Sheet straps
Suspender Search
by Color or Style Preference

Quick Click Click here to send a e-mail to Holdup Suspender Company's Staff requests

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