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Holdup Suspender Company sells USA patented pant suspenders and Sloops jeans.Choose over 200 styles of clip-on suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company Inc.navtop2.gif (5061 bytes) Search through our huge ecatalog of men's and womens pant suspenders.

Holdup Suspenders Contractor Series Suspenders which are 2 inch wide work suspenders with jumbo no-slip clips in silver metal finish.


Suspender Styles
and price ranges

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Holdup Suspenders come in single or dual clip styles

Casual Series solid colors 1 1/2" width
Single clip - $26.95Your currently viewing suspenders in this category
Dual Clip - $37.95

Designer Series in tasteful color patterns...
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Formal Series 1" wide, satin finished in 9 solid colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Corporate Series in 9 Satin finished colors 1 1/2" wide straps
Single clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Jacquard Series in 5 'tone on tone' colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Sports Series 1 1/2" width 5 sports theme patterns -$32.95

Classic Series basic solid colors and USA Flag pattern -$21.95 ea

Specialty Series shorter and narrower suspenders for Teens and girls. Biker suspenders and a super soft under garment suspender for wearing under your shirt.

All Silk Suspenders Black or white $48.95

Traditional button-on suspender look in our dual clip Double-Ups
Double-Ups from $37.95 to $43.95

Hip-Clip Trucker Suspenders attach with just 2 clips.

SKIING Suspenders in Black or Tan for all types of snow  Sports Ski-Ups $21.95

XL Suspenders  for the Big & Tall man

XL (extra Long) Holdup pant Suspenders
Tan Models
Black Choices (11)

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2" wide Jumbo Clip Series in X-back heavy duty clips all only $23.95....
solid colors with silver jumbo no-slip clips
in hunting camo patterns and solids with Black clips
Tradesman in 6 skilled trades patterns $23.95
Industrial Series
with non-elastic front straps and silver clasps

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Click to view Sloops jeans promo

Sloops Blue Jeans and Sloops Casual Slacks made specifically for suspender wearers in waist sizes to 50".

NEW -Patented Suspender Hanger and closet organizer

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Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Hold sheets tight

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

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Contractor 2" wide Holdup brand work suspenders with x-back brown leather crosspatch

Click these contractor models for a closeup view and details
securelyHoldup Contractor Series 2" wide work suspdners have brown leather X-back crosspatch and Silver jumbo clips or the balck Gripper clasps holding up a working mans pants. With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers it's hard to keep them up with just a ordinary belt. The contractor work suspender is specially designed with wider straps and our Patented clip to assure your Always Up with maximum comfort. These make perfect gifts for that hard working man who knows the limitations of conventional suspenders. 

All materials are carefully chosen for elasticity, durability and Holdup's come with a limited clip guarantee that they'll never slip -slide or Pop Off your pants. Buy one of these Holdup Suspenders in a heavy duty 2" width that are built to last a limited! All have our exclusive heavy duty jumbo no-slip clips attached on the 4 suspender straps. The Holdup logo is embossed in the X-back brown leather crosspatch made from top grade leathers. Now featuring a light and Dark  "BLUE JEANS" denim work suspenders and a 2 inch wide USA Flag pattern style for only $23.95. Get heavy duty work suspenders for the working man from a USA company committed to being America's premier pant suspender manufacturer. 


Great for those seeking the best in a rugged working mans suspender. These also work great for extra large men, cooks, bikers and even the skiers will love these too! The exclusive Holdup no-slip clip has a needle sharp center pin and fabric grippers that firmly hold the suspender clip in place on all types of pant materials.

The 2x4 Jumbo Clip Line Contractor Series suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a working mans pants. With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers it's hard to keep them up with just a ordinary belt. The contractor suspender is specially designed with wider straps and our needle centering pin clip, or the new black jumbo plastic Gripper Clasps, to assure your Always Up with maximum comfort. Double-sewn top grade leather crosspatch adds to the durability of all Holdup Suspenders. Click on suspender image to see larger view.

Click on left side product image for detail pages which explain the 2x4 Contractor Series options including Gripper Clasps and XL versions in certain colors.

Contractor 2x4 series -SUNTAN

Suntan beige also comes with Black Gripper Clasps and XL big and Tall version.. click here. Order standard jumbo Silver clip Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

Click here for Contractor "Old Glory" Flag suspenders

Old Glory Flag  Clip Finish: Silver
X- only- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

Contractor -Graphic Black suspender

Contractors -Logger Red suspender

Logger Red Clip Finish: Silver
X-only- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

Contractor -Navy blue 2" wide Holdup work suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company

Navy Blue work suspender  available with Plastic Gripper Clasps and XL model from detail page
silver clips- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

New Chestnut colored Contractor series suspenders

Chestnut Brown Clip Finish: Silver
X- only- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

Rich Green heavy duty men's suspenders in extra wide width featuring our jumbo no-slip-suspender clip.

Greenwood Clip Finish: Silver
X- only- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

The Pant Suspender that's so unique...They're patented.

 New "BAKERS WHITE" contractor series suspenders have a White leather cross patch and Silver plated clasps. Prized by restaurant chefs and Bakers to match their workwear whites.


New Bakers White 2" wide heavy duty suspenders ..click for details

Bakers White with jumbo silver no-slip clips
brown leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $23.95

These suspenders are designed with 2" wide straps and extra heavy duty no-slip clips. The Jumbo clips exceed the holding power of any manufactured suspender clasp and are suitable for waders, hunting pants with game pockets, heavy weight jeans and workwear pants worn by real working men. Guaranteed never to slip - slide- or Fly Off for a limited of daily use. Brown Natural leather crosspatch in X-back styles with triple nickel plated no-slip Holdup clips and length adjusters.

All new BLUE JEANS denim colored wide suspenders made for the big and tall man ..click for details

Light Blue Jeans color with silver jumbo no-slip clips or Black Gripper Clasps and brown leather X-back crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo
X- only- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

Click for Dark Blue Jeans Contractor Series detailed ordering page

 New- Dark Jeans color with silver clips or Black Plastic Gripper Clasp and X-back brown leather crosspatch...
- Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95
 Dark & Light Blue Jeans....

click for Blue Jean colors detailed ordering page

Click here to see details on the Rainbow colored Holdup suspender

Rainbow stripes of color Clip Finish: Silver
X- only- Qty:
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)$23.95

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Our secure shopping cart is common to all Holdup suspender sites. You may adjust quantity, add or delete items, and choose Google Checkout, Major Credit Card or PayPal payment choices. Google Checkout option ships to USA destinations only. Free freight on orders over $75, shipped by UPS ground or USPS Priority mail service to USA addresses, is automatically calculated. Overseas shipping to select countries is via USPS priority mail service with proof of delivery receipt and insurance.

We our loyal Holdup Suspender Company customers have been asking for more color choices in the wide heavy duty work suspenders in a 54" longer XL length. We now the NAVY BLUE XL big and tall man's dark blue suspender has arrived. We offer it with your choice of black jumbo plastic Gripper clasps or the jumbo Chrome/Silver no-slip metal clips. XL $26.95

XL big and tall mans wide Navy Blue work suspenders with jumbo silver no-slip clips and brown leather X-back crosspatch for $26.95

larger view silver Metal clip model

 Big and Tall 2" wide XL 54" longer NAVY BLUE Contractor Series Holdups for $26.95. Choose either silver jumbo no-slip clips or the black composite plastic Gripper Clasp model. Both have Brown top grade leather X-back crosspatch embossed with our logo.

Choose Metal or Plastic Gripper Clasp Style below:


  $26.95 each**

Extra Long Navy Blue work suspnders from Holdup Suspender Company wtih Plastic jumbo Gripper Clasps and 2" USA made straps for $26.95
Gripper Clasp XL model for $26.95

Click on the thumbnail images to see larger close-up view of these suspender

Plastic Gripper Clasps model of the Navy Blue Contractor Series Holdups in a 2" work suspender for the big and tall man for 26.95

Click to view larger picture of the Jumbo no-slip suspender clips for sale by Holdup Suspender Company Proceed to checkout counter freeship-button.gif (4338 bytes)

Nice Navy Blue color in these Holdup heavy duty suspenders

NAVY BLUE contractor work suspenders in standard 48" length and silver Jumbo no-slip clips Brown leather X-back crosspatch:X-back  y Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $23.95

details.gif (11626 bytes)Proceed to checkout counter

Jumbo silber no-slip clips from Holdup Suspender Company  Navy Blue Contractor Series Holdup work suspenders with silver jumbo no-slip clips for 23.95

** Order the Navy Blue Contractor Suspender with a jumbo composite plastic "Gripper Clasp" below that holds tighter the harder you pull on them for the same $23.95 price.

Navy Blue Holdup Contractor Series work suspnders with new jumbo composite plastic Gripper Clasps for $23.95
NAVY BLUE contractor work suspenders in standard 48" length with black Patented composite plastic jumbo "Gripper Clasps" and Brown leather crosspatch:X-back   Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $23.95

2" wide Contractor Navy Blue work suspenders with the patented plastic Gripper clasps and silver metal length adjusters

Exclusive Hip-Clip HOldup suspenders made to holdup pants with just 2 side clips.Trademarked Hip-Clip suspenders loved by truckers, Bikers and ourdoorsmen are 2 inch wide and sell for $21.95

New side clip-on trucker suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.Trademarked Hip-Clip™ line of Holdup Suspenders that sell for $21.95 to $23.95 and slip on like a backpack. Now in stock in 9 solid colors with 2" wide straps (23.95) and 4 colors in 1-1/2" widths. Sometimes called Trucker suspenders, or side clip suspenders, as they're designed to never pop-off your pants when sliding across truck or car seat covers on those long hi-way hauls. Simple to unsnap the exclusive 2 jumbo no-slip clips when going to the bathroom, so they can be worn under jackets, shirts or sweaters. All the holding power of our 2x4 Jumbo series suspenders. X-back Brown leather crosspatch only, with silver finished clips. Try this newest innovation in men's fashion accessories designed for comfort and come with our limited clip warranty.


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