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Holdup Suspender Company sells USA patented pant suspenders and Sloops jeans.Choose over 200 styles of clip-on suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company Inc.navtop2.gif (5061 bytes) Search through our huge ecatalog of men's and womens pant suspenders.

Specialty Holdup Suspenders for Teens, Girls, Travelors, Bikers and Skiers.

Choose your style and color of men's pant suspenders

clip-on men's suspenders

Holdup Suspenders made shorter for teenagers and women.
Teen Suspenders

only 3/4" wide

Skinny suspenders for girls are a 2007 fashion hit

Thin suspenders in solids and Patterns

Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Hold sheets tight

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

New Airport Friendly Plastic Gripper Suspenders
No-BUZZ black airport friendly men's suspenders designed to not trigger metal detectors
Won't trip metal detectors with super strong composite gripper-clasps.. All Black

Extra Long Men's Suspenders
for the Big & Tall man

XL (extra Long) Holdup pant Suspenders
Tan Models
Black Choices (11)

Suspender Styles
and price ranges

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Holdup Amazon Prime web shop allows all Amazon members to get FREE standard freight when using Amazon checkout payment and Amazon warehouse delivery

Holdup Suspender Company's Official Amazon Web Shop is now open where All Amazon members get FREE freight.
Holdup Suspenders come in single or dual clip styles

Casual Series solid colors 1 1/2" width
Single clip - $26.95Your currently viewing suspenders in this category
Dual Clip - $37.95

Designer Series in tasteful patterns...
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Formal Series 1" wide, satin finished in 9 solid colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Corporate Series in 9 Satin finished colors 1 1/2" wide straps
Single clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Jacquard Series in 5 'tone on tone' colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Classic Series basic   solid colors and USA Flag pattern -$21.95

Silk Suspenders Black or white $48.95 with dual clips and top grade leathers

Traditional button-on suspender look in our dual clip Double-Ups
Double-Ups from $37.95 to $43.95

We now stock 1/2 inch wide skinny suspenders for guiys and gals in 10 colors

Skinny Holdup Suspenders 1/2" wide for $18.95

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2" wide Jumbo Clip Series in X-back heavy duty clips all only $23.95....
Contractor- solids and patterns with silver clips
Outdoorsman in hunting patterns and solids -Black clips
Tradesman in 6 skilled trades patterns
Industrial Series with non-elastic fronts and silver clasps

Hip-Clip Trucker Suspenders attach with just 2 clips.

NEW -Patented Suspender Hanger and closet organizer

Sports theme suspenders $32.95

Ski-Ups are made to be worn with all types of snow sports pants and sell for $21.95.

Patented Maternity Under-Ups maternity suspenders for holding up your pants and shorts sell for 21.95
New Maternity Suspenders now on sale for $19.95

Patented Under shirt super soft suspenders
Undergarment suspenders

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Attention Amazon Prime shoppers. Now you can shop the official Holdup Suspender Company Amazon Prime Web shop for all Holdup products and get free 2nd day freight

Leather Series Suspenders in 4 styles for $64.95

Leather Series Holdup now in stock in Braided or Belt Strap styles for 64.95


New site sponsored  by Holdup Suspender Company, just for MOMS, featuring innovative time saving products like Maternity suspenders, Baby Crib Sheet straps to help prevent SIDS. Participate in the MomAids Forum and suggest simple product solutions you recommend as must haves.... www.MomAids.com


We are now adding 12 styles of All Black hidden under-Ups to our ecatalog for those seeking a soft suspender worn under any loose fitting shirt.

Under-Ups have USA Patent # 8,209,779


Under-Ups have USA Patent # 8,209,779

2" All Black Hip-clip Under-Ups shown below.. click here


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Buy some Holdup Suspenders

men's suspenders in 180 styles

Introducing Specialty Styles of Holdup Suspenders

Practical new styles just introduced by the Holdup Suspender Company Inc are getting rave reviews by our loyal customers and the fashion industry. Due to popular demand we haveSkinny suspenders for the fashion minded girl. introduced a shorter (42" max length) and narrower (3/4 inch wide) URBAN Youth suspender line for fashion conscious girls and teenagers. Yes women love wearing our suspenders too.... with shorts, skirts and pants. motorcycle-suspenders2.jpg (32782 bytes)Then we added a heavy duty 2" wide BIKER suspenders in Black, with a dynamic flame or Skull & Cross bones patterns $23.95 ea, for those who enjoy wind in their faces... but not down their pants. Part of our "beautify the highways project" by eliminating excessive mooning by the passing motorcyclists who just can't seem to holdup their jeans while cruising the highways.

Our loyal customers been asking for tasteful striped Holdup suspenders and we now have them in stock. Several choices in Navy Blue stripes with Khaki and Gray and red accent bands. We also offer single jacquard weave stripes in 5 tone on tone colors for office and casual daily wear with choices in single no-slip clips or dual clip Double-Up style... Click here to view our new striped Holdup suspenders priced from $26.95.

Brand new Striped Holdup added in both single and dual clip Double-Up styles from $32.95

Next we added a unique "UnderGarment" super-soft men's suspender made to be worn under your shirt or blouse... next to your skin. Perfect for wearing with shorts, or even under surgical scrubs and loose fitting t-shirts in both traditional and the new Hip-Clip style.... now with a smooth velcro type strip length adjuster

Holdup Suspenders has opened an Amazon Web shop featuring free freight on all 450 styles of Holdup suspenders when using familiar Amazon checkout and delivery ... click to shop there

Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime & Regular Shoppers.Buy Holdup Suspenders from our Mobile Device friendly new Amazon Web Shop...click here and get FREE Freight on all orders using your Amazon account and secure familiar Amazon Checkout procedure with Amazon direct to you warehouse delivery.

The USA made suspender that's so unique.. They're patented.

All Holdup Suspender Products carry a 30 day money back guarantee Suspenders made to not trigger metal dectors are popular with frequent airline travelers

Buy one of these Holdup airport friendly NO BUZZ suspenders. Only $21.95 per pair and guaranteed not to trip off airport metal detectors. We now offer you choice in either X-back or a Y-back style on our most popular All Black 1 1/2" wide suspenders designed to not trip off metal detectors at airports and municipal buildings.

  clcik to see Y-back model of these black no-buzz Holdup suspenders

Click for X-Back model details

No-Buzz suspenders have no metal main parts to trip off metal detectors at airports, Courtrooms, schools, government buildings.

 Y-Back Model details


NO BUZZ Suspenders gripper-clasp with Patented Black Gripper Clasp and black USA made suspender straps. These have a Black leather embossed logo crosspatch in 2 back style choices...

Choose <X-Back or Y-Back> Style:


Click for close-up views of the brand new Y-back no-buzz black  1 12/" wide suspenders ... $21.95 ea

Proceed to checkout counter

Newest Style: Dark Navy Blue No-Buzz clip on Suspenders with black patented Gripper Clasps and X-back crosspatch.. $21.95 ea... order below!

No-Buzz blue Holdup suspenders with balck plastic Gripper clasps and X-back leahter crosspatch are made to pass thru airport metal detectors

X-back navy blue clip on no-buzz Holdups have patented composite plastic Gripper clasps and plastic length adjusters so they won't trigger metal detectors

NO BUZZ -Navy Blue Suspenders with black gripper-clasp and black plastic length adjusters and X-back crosspatch.
No-buzz Holdups in dark navy blue color with 4 composite plastic Gripper Clasps and plastic length adjusters so you don't trigger metal detectors PLastci black Gripper clasps on these navy blue no-buzz Holdup suspenders are designed to hold tighter the harder you pull on them

 an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)No-Buzz Navy BLUE
Holdup Logo embossed in top-grade leather Crosspatch embossed with Holdup Logo
X-Back crosspatch style
 part# 7508HP
$21.95 ea
No-buzz Blue In stock and shipping right now!

Plastic Gripper clasp with improved more angled cam shaft holds tighter to your pant wasteband the harder you pull on them Navy Blue no-buzz or no alarm clip on suspnders fro frequent travelers are guaranteed not to trip off metal detectors at airports or secure buildings. No-buzz blue clip-on suspnders are airport friendly as they have plastic claps and length adjusted so they won't trigger metal detectors.

Order the No-buzz Navy Blue no-alarm clip-on pant suspender above ... or 2" Wide Trucker Style in USA made Black elastic straps color that attaches with just 2 Gripper Clasps below

Then the newest black 2" wide Hip-Clip sensation features the Patented Gripper Clasp  The harder you pull on these super strong clasps the tighter they holdup you pants. Order these below. See why the Plastic Gripper Clasps are so popular with our loyal customers.. We also sell a 1 1/2" wide model for $21.95 below

 New side clip-on trucker suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.2" wide Black Hip-Clip Style with 2 black Patented Jumbo Gripper Clasps™ and top grade Brown leather X-back crosspatch embossed with the Holdup Logo. If these clasps ever fail we will freely replace them.
 part# 2108HP  Qty:   $23.95 ea Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 21.95
How about a narrower 1 1/2" width Hip-Clip Black suspender with the same Brown Leather crosspatch, black adjusters for only $21.95 ea?
Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 21.95 BLACK 1-1/2" wide Hip-Clip Style suspender with 2 Plastic Gripper Clasps, metal length adjuster, and Leather X-back Logo embossed crosspatch #6407PL  Qty: $21.95 ea Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 21.95

Women & Youth suspenders so unique.. they're patented.

Urban Youth Series $18.95: Get ready for our traditional single no-slip patented clip attached to a skinny 3/4" wide suspender. These are made with USA poly-blend elastic fabrics in 7 popular solid colors. Urban YouthClick image to see closeup view of suspender colors Holdups are adjustable up to a 42" length and are perfect for the trendy fashion conscious teenager. Girls will love the fact that the Leather crosspatch centers in their back, and length adjusters make the suspender straps fit heights down to 5"2". Quality Suspenders for Gals and Urban Youth are no longer impossible to find. Only $18.95 these are also a real bargain too. Get creative and make an immediate fashion statement to your peer group as shown in these images. Perfect for both the Urban male, or female, seeking both a trendy style and comfort unmatched by those blah belts.

Not surprising that Hispanics and African American Urban youths join up withNarrow Urban Youth suspenders for men the fashion designers and modeling agencies to set new fashion industry trends. Well suspenders are back in style, and Holdup Suspender's add a new look to your casual wardrobe... with just the snap of a clip! The hip fashion forums are buzzing with trendsetters seeking a source for these skinnier suspenders in solid colors to be worn with a variety of shorts, jeans, shirts and pants. Let your own fashion creativity take off with these new Urban Youth series Holdups that sell for $18.95 ea. All orders over $75 automatically receive free UPS ground freight, when shipped to USA destinations, by our secure shopping cart.

The Urban Youth suspenders all have smooth nickel plated patented no-slip clips and length adjuster, with either brown top grade leather X-back style crosspatch.... or Black Leather crosspatch in the Y-back style choice. The needle sharp center locking pin prevents fraying any type pant material, like all other competitors suspender clips. Our suspender clips will never slip-slide or fly off your shorts & pants, and we back this claim with a limited time replacement guarantee.

urban-gal3.jpg (83426 bytes) Holdup Urban series narrow suspenders for girls Sammy loves her Holdup suspenders in a liliac color and silver clips

Holdup's Thin Urban Youth Series all have SILVER clips and Brown leather crosspatch in X-Back style or Black Leather crosspatch in Y-Back style. Choose your back style and color choice options. Click small suspender image to enlarge. These come in a 42" max length to fit most women and teens.

Urban Black  #8801 only $18.95
urban-black.jpg (66273 bytes)
click to expand pictureclick to enlarge photo

clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
Choose Back style:
Urban Black #8801

Urban Blue #8802   only $18.95
Thin blue girls or teenager suspender
click to expand pictureclick to expand

clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban Blue #8802

Urban Brown #8803 only $18.95
skinny suspenders in brown color
click to expand pictureclick to enlarge photo

clip& adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban Brown #8803

Urban Burgundy #8804 $18.95
burgundy skinny suspenders for teenagers and girls
click to expand pictureclick to expand

clip& adjuster  Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban Burgundy #8804

Urban Grey  #8805 only $18.95
Narrow suspenders for girls in gray color for 18.95
click to expand pictureclick to enlarge photo

clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban Grey  #8805

Urban RED #8806 only $18.95
Thin red girl's or teenager pant suspenders
click to expand pictureclick to enlarge photo

clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban RED #8806

Urban WHITE #8807    $18.95
White narrow suspenders for girls and teens
click to expand pictureclick to enlarge photo

clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Qty: $18.95
Urban WHITE #8807
Y-back option is out of stock

Light PINK  #8822 only $18.95
light pink 3/4" wide Urban gals suspender with patented no-slip clips and white leather crosspatch

Top Grade White Leather crosspatch
 no-slip clip & adjuster finish:
choose Back style:

 Qty:  18.95

Additional colors in the Urban 3/4" wide series suspenders.. click here

Proceed to checkout counter freeship-button.gif (4338 bytes)

These suspenders come in shorter lengths and are only 3/4" wide

These narrow suspenders look great on girls with jeans and a t-shirt.

Dress up and personalize your Holdups thin suspenders with metal studs or crystal beads.


   New Black and white checked thin suspenders for guys and galsIMS model Sammi is facinated by the Checkered flag clip-on Holdup suspenders for teens and girls selling for 21.95
Who said suspenders were Old Fashioned? Thin Colorful and Shorter Teen Suspenders for todays teen...

Now the Gals, and anyone seeking trendy new fashion looks in thin/skinny suspenders popular with teens, have more colorful choices from Holdup Suspender Company. Take a look at all the new Sassy patterns and Kool Colors on our 3/4" wide Thin Suspender Showcase Page.... click here

***42" shorter X-back Ski-Ups for kids and Teens that sell for $20.95 can be found at our Companion MOBILE SMARTPHONE FRIENDLY website Holdupsuspenders.com in their Ski-Ups collection in 3 colors... click here!


The operfect gift for any pregnant woman are the super comfortable Holdup Maternity Suspenders

Holdup materntiy suspenders now come in regular and plus sizes and have a Patented smooth line Velcro type length adjustment sustem and save you from having to hitch up your maternity pants and shorts all the time

Click here to view the 6 Regular and plus size Maternity Holdup Suspenders

Holdup Suspenders for Bikers: These Heavy Duty Black 2" wide Biker suspenders have a bold colorfast flame pattern printed right onto the made in the USA  wide elastic colorfast fabric. These feature 4 powderbikersuspenders.jpg (38756 bytes) coated black jumbo no-slip clips, capable of holding up any thickness of motorcycling pants, or blue jeans. Our logo is embossed into the black top grade Black leather X-Back style crosspatch. Improving on the more expensive Harley Davidson suspenders, these Patented clips are guaranteed never to slip-slide or pop off your pants year after year. No biker really likes the cold back-draft breeze freezing their backside on long road trips. Ride in total comfort and style and arrive with a pair of suspenders with a real Biker attitude. The new Skull & Cross bones pattern is also shown below. Buy over $75 in Holdups on the same order and receive FREE UPS ground freight service to USA destinations.

Flaming Black motorcycle suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company

Biker Black 2" wide Flame pattern Bike Suspenders with black jumbo clips finish and  Black X-Back Leather crosspatch

  Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)great price -$23.95 ea.

Proceed to checkout counter

Skull & Cross Bones pattern on 2 inch wide black poly-blend elastic fabric also sell for $21.95/pair. Buy one of each for kicking of this motorcycle cruising season.

2" wide heavy duty USA made elastic fabric - 4 jumbo no-slip black clips - X-back Leather crosspatch with embossed Hold-Up logo in black.

 "Skull& Cross Bone" pattern on Black 2" wide suspender. X-Back leather crosspatch
Price $23.95 ea

Skull and Crossbones pattern Biker wide Holdup suspenders

Additional Holdup Suspender Motorcycle gear like our patented Hold-Down™ Biker bootstrap Stirrups make us popular with Harley bikers regardless of our low pricing.

USA made Holdup Top Grade Leather Suspenders in 4 exclusive styles now shipping from our Southfield Michigan warehouse.
Holdup Exclusive Leather Suspenders... 4 styles of Brown or Black leather USA made suspenders with brass length adjusters, patented no-slip clips, comfort elastic back strap.

TOTALLY UNIQUE -UnderGarment Suspenders in multiple styles:

 NO-Buzz model Under-Ups with 2 plastic Gripper clasps and velcro type and Plastic length adjusters so they won't trigger metal detectors are great for travelers. These Holdup suspenders, worn under your shirt, have 4 composite plastic  gripper clasps attached to soft washable USA made elastic fabric

Looking for conventional X-back style Holdup Under-garment soft fabric suspenders with the 4 Patented Suspender Buckles (composite plastic "gripper clasps") for wearing under your shirt?  We now have these in stock ready for shipping also priced at $21.95. 1 1/2" wide + Plastic length adjusters and improved patented cam clasp lock down gripper clasp called suspender buckles. All the Under-Garment soft Holdups now come with the Flush Webbing" velcro type strip length adjustment system

Nude tone Patented Gripper clasps used on these soft smooth undergarment Holdup suspenders made to wear under your shirt with pants or shorts

Some Holdup Customers are frequent travelers and wanted our airport friendly composite plastic gripper clasp put on the super soft under-garment elastic fabric in traditional X-back styled Holdup's shown below for only $21.95.  These can be worn under their shirts and won't trigger metal detectors.

Patents Velcro smooth length adjustment suspender used on all Holdup undergarment hidden suspenders

These are comfortably worn under your shirt and guaranteed not to trip off any metal detector alarms with these 4 simple gripper clasps made with durable composite space age plastic with superior holding power. Patent D619,495 S... All Holdups are backed by 30 day money back guarantee

No Buzz Airport Friendly super-soft Under-Garment Suspender in Ace BandageTAN

Traditional 4 clasp styling in 1-1/2" width and 4 Patented composite Suspender Buckles (plastic gripper clasps.) These have and sewn X-back styling and a 30 day money back guaranty.

part# 6302XP Qty: $21.95


Doctors and nurses love wearing our hidden undergarment suspnders called Under-Ups with their surgical scrubs and loose fitting uniforms

New side clip-on trucker suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.Sal Herman the President of Holdup Suspender Co loves wearing these Under-Ups in a 2 clasp Hip-Clip style as they are so comfortable He forgets He's even wearing themSome frequent travelers wanted our airport friendly composite plastic gripper clasp put on the super soft under-garment fabric... with the simple 2 clip quick disconnect HipClip  trucker 2 side clasp style. You can purchase these below on sale for $21.95. These are comfortably worn under your shirt with a super soft 1 1/2" wide fabric and composite plastic length adjuster to max length of 48" Guaranteed not to trip off any metal detector alarms like our metal no-slip clips and metal length adjusters do... The more you pull on these gripper clasps the tighter they hold! Under-garment suspender + No Alarm Gripper Clasps + HipClip Trucker two clip attachment style now priced at just $21.95 The invisible clip-on suspender made to be worn under your loose fitting shirt with pants or shorts.
NoBuzz Airport Friendly Undergarment TAN 1-1/2" wide in the quick release Hip-Clip Style... worn under your shirt.
2 Patented Suspender Buckles *composite plastic gripper cam clasps and velcro type strip length adjuster Part# 6406HP
Choose Qty:  
 on sale $21.95 each
Get comfortable ... while holding up your pants.
TIP: To lower the sewn X-back section on your back just move the 2 clips, or Clasps, more towards the front of your pants.

Comfort .. Security .. Confidence .. Improved Body Image. Brand new is the Hip Clip "Trucker Suspender" style made to wear under your untuckit type shirt. Just slide in your arms through the super soft straps and attach to your waistband with just 2 clips. Wear under your shirt, jacket or sweater in total comfort.

USA Patent number 8,209,779 granted to Sal Herman for his Undergarment suspender made to wear under your shirt or blouse. 
Hip-Clip or Side Clip suspenders attach to pants with just 2 silver/chrome no-slip clips.  All Black Hip-clip Under-Ups now on sale. click here

Out of sight and so comfortable you'll forget your wearing these Under-Ups with pants, scrubs or short


New XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspendersXL Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) & Black Choices (11)

Introducing USA made clip-on suspenders in small sizes for kids of all ages. Holdup Suspender Company manufacturers these clip-on suspenders in small sizes for infants, toddlers and the K through 12 school age kids. The Children's Collection of Holdups all feature our patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps in red, blue or black. We offer these in various widths from 1/2" to 1 1/4" wide USA made suspender straps. Kids suspenders in 24", 30" , 36" or 42" lengths are made to fit all age groups. We also offer Mitten clips and Baby Bib clips, plus Mit-n-Straps priced from $8.95 to 19.95. for keeping mittens and burb bibs in place.

24" Infant Black Suspenders


24" infant sized Black Suspenders with black gripper clasps.. $12.95


24" Infant RED Suspenders


Infant 24" Red Holdup suspenders with red Gripper clasps $12.95


24" Infants Blue Suspenders


24" Infant Blue Holdup suspenders with blue gripper clasps $12.95


30" Toddler Black Suspenders


30" Toddler Black Holdup Suspenders w/Gripper Clasps $14.95


30" Toddler Blue Suspenders


30" Blue Toddler size suspenders with Gripper Clasps $14.95


30" Toddler RED Suspenders


30" red suspenders sized for toddlers w/Gripper Clasps $14.95


36" Child Black Holdup Suspenders


36" Black Holdups for kids with leather X-back and Black Gripper Clasps $18.95


42" Blue Teen suspenders


42" Dark Blue Teen clip-on suspenders $19.95


42" RED teen Holdup suspenders


42" Bright RED teenager Holdup suspenders... $19.95


42" Teen black suspenders


42" all black suspenders sized for teenagers $19.95


long 46" Mit-n-Straps in 3 colors


46" long Mit-n-Straps made to slide thru kids coat sleeves in 3 colors $9.95 each


Mit-n-Ups mitten straps


6" Mit-n-Ups are Red, Blue or Black mitten straps with matching color gripper clasps (2 per pack for $8.95)


8" Blue hat and pillow straps $9.95/set


8" Blue hat, scarf or Pillow strap with blue gripper clasps $9.95 (2 per set)


Black Hat-n-Pillow clips $9.95/set


8" black hat or pillow strap or bungee strap $9.95/set of 2


Red-hat-n-pillow & Hat straps $9.95/set


Red 8" Holdup Hat clip straps or pillow straps $9.95 (2 per set)


10" Bib-Ups bib straps $10.95/set


10" Bib-Ups are napkin bib straps in Red, Black or Blue $10.95 (2 per set)


Our new 2x4 Jumbo Clip line of heavy duty suspenders
2 inch wide suspenders with X-Back and jumbo clips Wide suspenders in solid colors and USA Flag pattern Skilled Trademen pattern wide suspenders with jumbo clips Holdup Suspenders Industrial strength due to non-elastic webbing Camouflage pattern and solid colored wide suspenders

New XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspendersXL Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) & Black Choices (11)

New in 2016 are these US Patented Holdup Shirt stays designed to keep your shirt tails taunt and eliminate any shirt from billowing at your waistline. Click to purchase or see full details on why our shirt stays (shirt tail straps or shirt suspenders) are the simple way to keep dress shirts in place for $21.95 per 2 piece set... 

 New patented dress shirt Garters we call Shirt Stay-Downs keep your shirt tails tucked in and prevent billowing at the waistline.

Click here to see details on our black or tan suspenders for skiers and snowboarders and other snow sports.

Ski-Ups are made to be worn with all types of snow pants and sell for $21.95.

If your into skiing, and other winter snow sports, you'll really appreciate the practical Patented design of the newest line of Holdup Suspenders called Ski-Ups™. The USA made top quality elastic fabric is 1 1/2" wide and will give you years of wear in the harshest outdoor environment. The unique patent pending "Gripper-Clasp" has a flush mounted locking cam operated clasp that comes with a limited warranty to never slip-slide or pop-off your ski or snow pants.

Top Seller Showcases: White Holdup suspender choicesWhite Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesBlack Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesRed Suspenders
White Holdup suspender choicesWide Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesSingle clip classic clip-on Holdup suspenders for only 21.95 ea$20 Classics Striped Holdup suspenders in 8 style choices from 32.95Striped Holdup Suspenders
Suspender Search
by Color or Style Preference

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